Healthcare Team

Emergency Care Practitioner (Paramedic)

Due to the increasing demand for emergency appointments within General Practice and the wider NHS, we have introduced Mr Phillip Jones an ECP/Paramedic into the Practice. Phillip is highly qualified and has many years experience, not only in South West and West Midlands ambulance services, but also in the regional Out of Hours services. Working closely with both the GPs and Nursing team, he can assess the emergency clinical need of the patient, and triage the medication or care plan requirements going forward.

Clinical Pharmacist

Andrea Robinson is a highly qualified specialist in medicines and how they work. If you are taking medication over the long-term, experiencing side effects or had your medication changed while you were in hospital she is here to manage, advise and help you get better and stay well.

Community Midwives

Midwives look after women during their pregnancy and help to monitor the health of mum and baby to ensure that the pregnancy is progressing normally. They also ensure that plans are in place for the delivery and in the early weeks and months that both mum and baby are doing well. They are also there to support new or inexperienced parents.

Community Nurses

Community Nurses, also known as District Nurses will often take care of patients in their own home along with the GPs. They provide similar services to the Practice Nurse team, but also specialise in palliative care and dealing with frail, housebound or patients with mobility problems.

Health Visitors

Health Visitors are nurses who specialise in the care of children and their families and in helping these groups to stay healthy. They will often go out to visit patients in their own homes and are a regularly involved in child protection cases.

The Midwives, Health Visitors and Community Nurses are not employed by the practice, but work alongside us in coordinating patient care, They can be contacted on:-

Midwives 0300 421 6724

Health Visiting Teams 0300 421 6712, 6714 or 6715

District Nurses 0300 421 6074